What is welcome workflow and how does it add value to your application?

An explanation of the welcome workflow and the value it brings to your application

The ‘Welcome workflow’ helps you create the ‘Welcome Page’ which is typically the first screen your users see when they download and open your application. Its goal is to welcome new users and to create excitement within them about the experience ahead and inspire them to Sign up with the application. 

As part of the ‘Welcome Workflow’ you can add multiple Welcome pages which can have different information on each page, displayed as a carousel . 

How Does a Welcome Workflow Add Value to your Application?

First impressions matter. ‘Welcome Workflow’ is your chance to make a great first impression on your users and drive registrations to your application. ‘Welcome Workflow’  can add value to your application by:

    1. Segmenting Users - These workflows provide a unique opportunity to segment your new users by their role, interests, goals and use cases. Segmenting users helps you add tags to them and provide them with personalised and relevant user journeys.
    2. Improving Brand Awareness - The workflows allow you to add a brand personality to the application. It lets you add your logo, design and colour schemes that communicate your brand story to the users
    3. Showcasing App Capabilities - The ‘Welcome Workflow’ allows you to showcase the benefits and key highlights of your application and what users can expect from the application. This will help drive more registrations to your application.