What Is the Mindset Meter and how does it add value to my app?

An explanation of Mindset Meter and the value it adds to an app

The Mindset Meter is a workflow feature that allows you to understand your team in a better way by utilising pre-set surveys. These pre-set have multiple interactive aspects to it that allow the end-users to answer different kinds of questions to understand their needs and preferences better. 

This workflow  helps you to understand users through surveys that allow end-users to Check-in and answer different types of questions including multiple choice questions, sliding scale questions and filter wheel questions that show the current state of the user in an interactive and fun way. 

In addition to displaying results on their current state after checking-in, users can also utilise the Personal Journaling option to reflect on their check-ins and take private notes that is only visible to the end-users. The Account Journaling option allows users to leave anonymous feedback to the administrators based on which the administrators can choose the next course of action for the end-users or improve the check-in in any way possible. Administrators can choose to make the Account Journaling optional. 

How can the Mindset Meter add value to your app?

Understanding user experience - By allowing users to share their mood with the application, you can gain insights into how users feel about the app and its features. This information can be used to improve the user experience and make the app more engaging and enjoyable for users.

Personalisation - By tracking user moods over time through check-ins, the application can provide more personalised recommendations or content to the user based on their mood and feedback (if enabled). 

Customer satisfaction - Knowing how end-users feel about the app can help you identify potential issues or areas for improvement. This can ultimately lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction and increased user retention.