What is the Goals Tracking Workflow and how does it add value?

An explanation of what goals workflow is and why it is important

What Is the Goals Tracking Workflow?

The Goals tracking workflow enables users to create and manage their goals and the actions required to accomplish these goals. You can enable the goals tracking workflow from the Application Configuration Settings. 

How Does the Goals Tracking Workflow add value?

The Goals tracking Workflow is an important tool for users within the application because it drives the end-users to achieving their desired outcomes through the application. Goals Tracking Workflow adds value by providing the users: 

  • Clarity - Users gain clarity on what they want to accomplish within the app by setting clear goals. They can identify the actions they must carry out and the milestones they must reach in order to accomplish their intended outcomes.
  • Engagement - When users set goals, they are motivated to engage with the application at a higher rate and complete the tasks required to accomplish those goals. This increased motivation can lead to higher levels of engagement and better outcomes for both the end-user and the organisation.
  • Accountability - Setting goals can help users hold themselves accountable for their progress. By setting specific goals and tracking their progress, end-users can identify areas where they need to improve and take action to make progress towards their goals.
  • Measurability - Setting goals allows end-users to track their progress and see how far they have come. This tracking can help customers stay motivated and feel a sense of accomplishment as they move closer to achieving their desired outcome.

By providing a clear focus, increasing motivation and engagement, tracking progress, and promoting accountability, goal setting can help customers get the most out of their app experience.