What is the 360 Engagement and how does it add value?

An explanation of the 360 feedback engagement and its value

A 360 engagement on the Mindset platform is similar to the professional 360 feedback that allows users to gather feedback, usually on their performance, from a wide-range of peers in addition to self-reviewing. This approach enables both the organisation and the individual to identify their strengths and areas for improvement, as it can gather either small or large quantities of feedback.

What is the 360 Feedback Engagement?

Admins can create a 360 Feedback Engagement through Mindset’s 360 Feedback Workflow. This engagement primarily focuses on conducting 360 degree reviews, which involves multiple steps including self-assessments and peer reviews. 

This process involves three participants: the Administrator, the Leader and the Reviewers. 

  • Administrator - The user who creates and configures the 360 Feedback Engagement and supports the Leader throughout the process.
  • Leader - The user who is being reviewed in the engagement.
  • Reviewer - Users who are reviewing the Leader.

How Does 360 Feedback Engagement Add Value?

Collaboration -  The 360 Feedback Engagement enables a Leader to invite as many reviewers they want and monitor their progress. With the admin constantly supporting the leader, while the leader drives their own review process, the 360 Feedback Engagement promotes collaboration among the users utilising the engagement. 

Personalisation - The 360 Feedback Engagement can be created for just one user or a larger group of users. It is fully configurable and enables you to create a personalised experience for all the participants involved. 

Transparency - The 360 Feedback Engagement provides users a safe space to share feedback and have transparent conversations, ensuring that only the right people participate in the assessment process. Only the participants with an account can access the engagement. Having registered accounts allows both Leaders and Reviewers to save their progress and fill in the survey at their own pace. So, all the participants will be required to create an account or log into an existing account with the email address.