What is Onboarding workflow and how does it add value to your application?

An explanation of what Onboarding workflow is and the value it brings to your application

What Is Onboarding Workflow?

Onboarding workflow is the first interaction that users have with your app. It is the default workflow that runs when the users click ‘Get Started’ within the app. Onboarding workflow allows you to deliver a simple and frictionless introduction to using your app. It is essentially a series of questions,  interactions or instructions that guide users through the app’s interface and functions.

Onboarding workflow allows users to get started with their app journey by collecting their profile information that can be utilised to associate tags with the end-user and deliver personalised experiences. These interactions can be configured in simple steps through the Onboarding tab under Workflow Settings

How Can Onboarding Workflow Add Value To Your Application?

An effective Onboarding workflow can add immense value to your application and to the users who want to make the most of your app. A well-thought out, goal-oriented Onboarding workflow adds value to your application by: 

Creating a positive first-time user experience - An Onboarding workflow that helps users familiarise themselves with the core features and benefits of the app can create a positive and lasting first-impression. You can personalise the design, colours, images and reward state to create a positive first-time user experience.

Driving user engagement across the app - Onboarding workflow utilises user information to associate tags. The tags associated with each end-user can facilitate the delivery of personalised and meaningful user experiences across the app and drive in-app user engagement through targeted experiences. You can utilise the different types of questions including text question and survey questions to add to your Onboarding workflow to gather valuable user information.

Boosting long-term user retention - Onboarding workflow is an opportunity for you to highlight your app’s value proposition. With the right Onboarding workflow you can understand the objectives of your users and provide them relevant experiences as they navigate through the app.