What Is 360 Feedback Workflow?

An explanation of what 360 feedback workflow is and how to enable it

A 360 feedback workflow on the Mindset platform allows users to gather professional 360 feedback, usually on their performance, from a wide-range of peers in addition to self-reviewing. This approach enables both the organisation and the individual to identify their strengths and areas for improvement, as it can gather either small or large quantities of feedback.

360 Feedback Workflow can be enabled through the Application Configuration Settings under the Workflows tab. Once you enable it, you can find it under the Workflow Settings section. 

Admins can create a 360 Feedback Engagement through Mindset’s 360 Feedback Workflow. This engagement primarily focuses on conducting 360 degree reviews, which involves multiple steps including self-assessments and peer reviews. 

Find out how to configure 360 feedback engagement here.