What are Journeys?

An explanation of the Journey workflow

What is the Journey workflow?

Journeys are a structured way of navigating content to help people reach learning or realisation. Each journey consists of a series of steps, and a step can consist of one or more step items, including videos, surveys, and downloadable material. 

A journey is made up of the following:

Journey Overview      

This lets users know more information about the journey. What it is about, how long it should take and what they will learn.


Entry onboarding survey

Onboarding questions are an opportunity to learn more about the user before they start a journey. 

Journey path/steps

Indicate the steps the user will take on this journey. Steps are a container for the content a user will consume when taking a journey.

Step Items

A single content item or a sequence of content items that make up a step within a journey. Step items can be a video, web article, survey, text question, or file download. 

Exit survey (optional)

This gauges how well the user has understood the journey content with an exit survey. Exit surveys are another opportunity to learn more about the user.

Completion screen

Reward the user for completing the journey and provide advice or hints on what they could do next.