Selecting and Formatting your Journey Images

An explanation of how to select and format images for journeys

How to choose engaging images

When on the hunt for the perfect images for your journey there are a few things you should consider when making your selection:

  • What do you want to communicate? 
  • What message should the photo contain to meet the users' needs
  • What is your brand personality and does the image align with this?
  • What do you believe will encourage them to open the item or journey?

Best practices for setting up your journey images

  • Keep file sizes as small as possible. We would recommend keeping images under 500KB as a maximum. There is currently no file size limitation when uploading images but we strongly recommend keeping file sizes as low as possible to ensure fast load times. 
  • Pay attention to image size. We recommend using an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a maximum image size of 800w X 450h.
  • We recommend keeping imagery free of any important text or logos.
    This is to ensure that the image renders well across all apps and screen sizes. 
  • If text or a logo is vital to your design, we recommend placing it in the middle of the image to ensure it’s not cropped out in certain screens.

Where are images used and displayed?

When configuring journeys you’ll notice images are used across all parts of the journey. 

  • The Journey Details Image: Displays on the user’s home screen, the Journey overview and the Journey Start screen.
  • Journey Step image: Displays on the journey steps screen
  • Journey Step items: The step items that require images are the Image & Text Article and the Journey Success item.

File types

The table below shows the accepted file types and recommended aspect ratios for your journey images. 

Configuration area

File type

Aspect ratio

Journey Details

.png  .jpg or .svg


Journey Step

.png  .jpg or .svg


Image & Text Article

.png  .jpg or .svg

Approx 11:4

Journey Success item

.svg only


The Journey Details Image

When configuring your journeys, the first image you’ll need to include is your Journey Details Image. This image will display on your user's home screen as well as the journey overview and the journey start screens.

How does this display?

Images display in slightly different ways across the various screens and devices. This is an example of how the following Journey Detail image displays across the various screens and devices.

The screens below show how this image will be displayed in a mobile application.

Home screen

Journey Overview

Journey Start

The screens below show how this image will be displayed in a web application