How to Publish Engagements?

A simplified walkthrough of how to publish engagements on your application

Once you have created your engagements in the engagements library, these can be published across broadcast channels, the home screen and within facilitations. 

You can choose to publish your engagement in three ways: 

From the ‘Engagements Library’ section under ‘App Information’ - The ‘Engagements Library’ section shows you the list of existing engagements, both published and unpublished.  

Through the ‘Published Locations’ tab when you are creating the engagement - The ‘Published Locations’ tab can be accessed when you are either creating a new engagement or editing an existing engagement. This tab shows a list of the locations where a specific engagement has been published (Broadcast channels, home screen, facilitations) 

Through the ‘Home Screen’ tab - This tab shows the list of engagements that are published on the ‘Home Screen’

Publishing An Engagement In Three Simple Steps

You can publish an engagement in three simple steps, no matter which of the above ways you choose.   

Step 1:

If you choose to publish your engagement through the ‘Engagements library’, click on the ellipsis (...) on the engagement that you want to publish and select ‘Publish a copy’. 

If you choose to publish your engagement when you are creating or editing an engagement, go to the ‘ Published Locations’ tab. This tab shows the list of locations where the engagement has been published. You can publish your engagement by clicking the ‘Publish the copy’ button. 

If you choose to publish your engagement through the ‘Home Screen’ tab, select the ‘Publish Engagement’ button on the screen.

Select the engagement you want to publish from the list of engagements displayed and by clicking ‘Select an Engagement’ and confirm.

Step 2:

Select either Home page or Broadcast channels based on where you want the engagement to be published.

If you select Broadcast channels, you have to choose one from the list of broadcast channels and optionally select a sender from the list, before you continue to the next step. 

Step 3: 

Set up the publication schedule by selecting the start date and end date for the engagement if you wish for it to expire. The engagement will be made accessible to users only from the start date to the end date. 

Then set up the engagement hooks. This is a section where you can choose to either send a push notification to their mobile phone or not depending on your preference. 

Additionally, the engagement hooks section allows you to either display the engagement in the broadcast channel carousel on the home screen or not display it, which you can choose from the options in the dropdown. 

Select ‘Publish’ on the top right corner of the page to publish your engagement. 

Publishing An Engagement in A Facilitation

To publish an engagement in a facilitation, the facilitation should be published first. 

Go to the ‘Design Facilitation’ tab once you choose to ‘Edit’ the facilitation. You can add the engagements you want through this section. 

A list of engagements from your ‘Engagements Library’ will be displayed, from which you can select the engagements you want to add to the facilitation. 

Once you select the engagements you want to add to the facilitation, go to the Run facilitation tab and you can click on the ‘publish’ button to publish your engagement within the facilitation.