How to manually add end users to a facilitation

An explanation of adding end users manually to a facilitation

You can now use the Add Attendees button on the Facilitation card to manually add users to the facilitation. Clicking this you can easily add the details of the attendees you would like to invite to that Facilitation. 

You can add as many email addresses here as you wish. Note that these individuals don’t have to be registered users of the application. You can then create a message to be included in the email for the attendees to receive with their facilitation invite. You can see the template email on and as you type your message it will preview on the right hand side. 

To configure your email create a subject line and message on the left-hand side. Once done, hit save and it will send the invite to that end-user.

Once added you can view all attendees under the Facilitation attendees section by scrolling or searching their names.