How to configure the Facilitation Workflow

A step by step process of how to activate and configure the Facilitation workflow

Activating the workflow

Facilitations use engagements to deliver content to users. As such both workflows need to be active in order to use facilitations correctly.

To activate the engagement and facilitation workflows go to App Settings on the left-hand side of the screen and select the Workflows tab.

Scroll down to the Engagement workflow and click on the toggle button to activate this workflow. Do the same for the Facilitation workflow.

Once activated, the Engagement and the  Facilitation option will appear under the Workflow Settings on the left-hand side of the screen.

Setting up the base configuration

In the Facilitation workflow setting, you can set up the base configuration for the workflow. Here you have the ability to change the name of ‘Facilitations’ to a term that suits your company and users e.g. workshops as well as the ‘facilitator’ noun to something that resonates closely with your audience e.g. coach. You are also given the option to change the Carousel background colour displayed on the home screen of the user’s app, to match closely with your company branding.

Note: the rest of this article runs on the basis of the name of the workflow being ‘Facilitation’, however as mentioned above you can configure this according to your company, please remember the following terminology may have been changed depending on how you have configured the name.

Creating Facilitators

From the main Facilitation screen under the App Information Menu on the left-hand side of the screen, go to Facilitators tab, select Add new Facilitator and add in their details, and click save. You will then see your Facilitator, listed. You can add a general list of facilitators who can be assigned to different facilitations.

Setting up a Facilitation

To set up the Facilitation go to App Information on the left-hand side of the screen and click the Facilitation option. This will open up a widescreen as shown below.

After clicking the ‘Create new Facilitation’ button a full-screen interface will appear where you can manage your facilitation.

Configuring a Facilitation

At this stage, under General Settings > Facilitation details > Configuration you will be able to configure how your facilitation appears in the channel interface and provide additional information about what the attendees can expect from this channel. You can also configure the hooks under General Settings > Workshop Hooks > Configuration which are the notifications and reminders that will appear on the homepage of the user and nudge them to engage with the facilitation channel. They can be configured to be removed from the homepage once interacted with or displayed persistently.

Under the same tab, you can create a Facilitation greeting which is a card that will be displayed on the home screen promoting the facilitation, and New engagement notifications which will promote you to engage with new content. At any time click the Preview tab to view your configurations designed in the way they appear on the app.

Designing a Facilitation

To design a Facilitation, the first thing you need to do is configure your engagements. Engagements are pieces of content that can be delivered to users in the app or in facilitation that are designed to engage users on a learning path. Examples of engagements are Videos, written content, or a survey. See this article on how to create and configure engagements.

Once your engagements are ready, you can design your facilitation. To do this go to the ‘Design Facilitation’ tab and add your engagement/s by selecting from the ‘Add new engagement’ dropdown. Select the engagement to preview how it will appear to users in both the facilitation channel and once it’s been opened.


Should you want to edit or delete these engagements at any time, click on the ellipsis on the engagement to make your changes. Editing an engagement in a facilitation will not affect the master engagement it was created from, nor any other copies of the engagement in other facilitations.

Assigning Facilitators

To run facilitations, you must have assigned Facilitators. To assign a facilitator, go to the Facilitation screen, and under Facilitations select the ellipsis and Edit on the Facilitation chosen. Under General Settings > Facilitation details scroll down to Facilitators. From this drop-down, you can choose your Facilitator for the event.


Publishing a Facilitation

Once you’ve completed configuring your facilitation, and you’re ready to publish it and invite people to it,  go back to the main home screen where you can see your facilitation listed as unpublished. 

The facilitation needs to be published in order for users to be able to see the content on their app. It is important to have a plan in place regarding the engagements you are going to add to the facilitation, although you are able to add them prior to or after being published. When you are ready, click on the ellipsis in the top right-hand corner of the facilitation card and select publish.

Once the facilitation is published you have two ways to invite end-users into the Facilitation. 

  1. A Copy invite link button will appear allowing you to invite participants to your facilitation. You can invite attendees by sharing this link with them, they cannot be added directly anywhere in the facilitation interface.
  2. An Add Attendees button has also appeared on the Facilitation card. Clicking this you can easily add the details of the attendees you would like to invite to that Facilitation. You can add as many email addresses here as you wish. Note that these individuals don’t have to already be registered users of the application. You can then create a message to be included in the email for the attendees to receive with their facilitation invite. You can see the template email on and as you type your message it will preview on the right-hand side. To configure your email create a subject line and message on the left-hand side. Once done, hit save and it will send the invite to that end user.

Once added you can view all attendees under the Facilitation attendees section by scrolling or searching their names.

Running a Facilitation

When you are ready to start a facilitation, you must go to the Run Facilitation tab to publish the engagements inside your specific facilitation. Select which engagement and click publish.