How to configure the Channels workflow

A step-by-step process of how to configure the Channels Workflow.

Enabling the Channels workflow

To activate the Channels workflow go to App Settings on the left-hand side of the screen and select the Workflows tab.

Scroll down to the Channels workflow and click on the toggle button to activate this workflow.

Once activated, the Channel option will appear under the Workflow Settings on the left-hand side of the screen. Under this menu, you can set up the base configuration for the workflow. Here you have the ability to change the Carousel background colour displayed on the home screen of the user’s app, to match closely with your company branding. To disable a card on the home screen that links to your channels screen, click on the Display channels card on the home screen toggle button.

Creating a new Channel

Under the App Information section on the left-hand side of the screen, click on the Broadcast Channels menu, and select Add new channel.

Under the Details tab, you will be able to configure how your channel appears in the channel interface, the description, the image that will be displayed on the chat channel card as well as the notification card which will be displayed in the broadcast channel carousel on the home screen.

Next, click on the Published engagements tab which shows a list of the engagement copies published in this channel. Most engagement copies published in a Broadcast Channel are linked to the original engagement in your Engagements Library

After publication, linked copies are automatically updated with any changes made to the original engagement. Please note that you can also publish engagements to the channel from the published engagements tab by clicking the Publish engagement button (refer to the Publishing engagements guide article for more information).

Once the channel has been created, you can view the channel under the App Information on the Broadcast Channel screen. 


Click on the three dots menu by the right hand of the channel to select from the menu provided - Publish engagement, View Published, Edit channel, Move Up, Move Down, and Delete the channel. Select Publish engagement to publish an engagement to the channel.



Next, click on the Select an engagement button to choose the desired engagement to be published to the channel.


Select the desired engagement from your list of engagements and click on the Confirm button. 


You can select a sender from your senders list which is optional by clicking on the Select sender dropdown.

Click on the Continue button at the top right side of the screen to move onto the next step.



Next, select the start date which is when you want the users to receive the engagement copy by clicking on the calendar field. You can include an end date by clicking on the include an end date toggle button.



You can choose to send a push notification or not by clicking on the dropdown field and selecting from the options provided.



You can choose to show or not show the engagement in the broadcast channel carousel on the home screen by clicking on the dropdown and selecting from the options provided.



Click on the publish button at the top right corner of the screen to publish the engagement to the channel.