How to enable and configure a Content Feed

An explanation of how to enable the Content Feed workflow and configure it to contain content

Configuring the Content Feed Workflow

From the home screen select App Settings on the left-hand side navigation bar. Then select the workflows tab and scroll down to Content feeds, click the toggle to turn them on, and save.

You will now see the Content Feed section appear under Workflow settings on the left-hand side navigation bar. Here, under the General Settings tab, you can amend the title of your Content Feed carousel as well as configure the colours.


Once configured, click into the Content feeds tab to start creating a content feed. Select the add content feed button, then you can upload your image and give the feed a name. You also have the option to Allow a reply in user to admin chat, this toggle allows users to share content items into chat channels which can be useful when sharing content or asking questions.


Once Saved, you will see the content feed card in the Content Feed Workflow section. Here you can move the cards up or down as well as edit them.

Adding Content to the Content Feed

When adding your content, go to the Content section on the left-hand navigation bar under Account Information. Click on the Add a content item button and you will see a drop-down containing three options; Youtube video, Vimeo video and Web article. For Youtube and Vimeo, you can add in a URL, heading and description as well as assign it to a Content Feed and assign Tags on the right-hand side.

For the Web article, when adding it as a piece of content always check whether the URL can be used elsewhere, do this by pasting the URL you want to use in between the speech marks on the left-hand side of this page - and click Run. If you can see a preview on the right, this URL is compatible, if not, please choose a different URL as this won’t appear for end-users on the web application.

Once the URL is confirmed as compatible you can use the auto-fill button to fill in the details for you. You can also choose to upload your own image or use the auto-fill one. Similarly to other Content types, you must assign the Content Feed and Tags on the right-hand side. Once saved this is live in your Content Feed straight away.