Configuring the Goals Tracking Workflow

An explanation of how to configure the Goals Tracking workflow

The Goals Tracking workflow provides end users with the ability to record their goals and the individual actions they will take to achieve the goals. End users are able to create their own goals and actions which can be tracked by the coach assigned to them. 

Currently, this can only be managed by the Application Administrator. However, when the coaching role is released on the app, coaches will be able to track the end users’ goals and actions. The coaches will be able to observe end users' goals to ensure they are on track with the commitments set and to provide further support when coaching.

Setting up the Goals Tracking Workflow  

To turn the Goals Tracking workflow on, go to App Settings on the left side of the administrator portal and select the Workflows tab. Scroll down to the Goals tracking workflow and turn the toggle on, and click on save at the top right corner of the screen. 

The workflow will appear under the  “Workflow Settings” area on the left navigation bar. Next, click on the General settings tab if you want to change the default name of the workflow by configuring the Goal noun and Goal plural noun fields as well as the Action noun and Action plural noun fields.

After configuring the workflow nouns, scroll down to the Workflow card section to configure the Title,  Initial text (a short message to encourage users to create goals and actions) and upload an Icon (an image to create a visual representation of the workflow) which will be displayed on the end user’s profile screen and can optionally be displayed on the home screen as well. 

Remember to click on the Save button at the top of the screen.


Next, click on the Goals screens tab to configure the goals screen (the screen where the end users can list their goals). Here, you will configure the Empty state title (a short message to encourage users to start creating goals).

Next, configure the Empty state body text (A description of the workflow benefits).

Next, scroll down the page to configure the Goal screen preview. Here, you will configure the Description noun (a description of the goal e.g. Success Metrics), the Empty state title (a short message to encourage users to start creating goals), and the Empty state body text (a message describing the actions or any other message that will benefit the user). 

You can also configure a Goal completion message to encourage end-users once they have finished a goal. Add an image, Title, Text and button text.

The end-user perspective

Please see below the end user’s view of the app. The user can access the goals workflow by clicking the profile icon at the top right of the screen.

The end users can add the goal name and description on the app by clicking on the Add goal button.

The user is also responsible for adding actions to the goals they set on the app. To add an action, click on the Add action button and they have the option to add a due date to the action(s). 

After setting the action, the user can click on the check box to mark the action as completed.