Types of Chat

Learn about the different types of Chat available on the Mindset platform.

The Chat feature supports community building through real-time communication, encouraging end-users to engage with each other and with the app’s admins.

There are two types of Chat available to be incorporated into your app: one-on-one (1:1) and group chat.


One-on-one chat allows end-users to communicate with an application admin.

This type is designed to provide ad hoc information, such as technical support, one-to-one coaching, or tutoring. 

How to switch on 1:1 chat

Go to workflows under app settings and turn Channels on then hit save.

Then go to Channels under workflow settings and scroll down to see “user to admin chat channel”, toggle this on.

Once on you can configure what that looks like to the end user. 

To access the chat as an admin you then need to navigate to Chat under App Information. Here you can view all humans on the platform and start up a conversation with any of them.

Group chat 

A group chat allows all attendees to communicate, meaning anyone can ask and reply. 

This feature is available through the Engagements list. The person running the Facilitation has to turn the Chat function on to make it available in the dialogue. 

Currently, we are working on making an end-user’s Chat messages accessible through the homepage card.

How to switch the Group Chat on

You can turn the Chat workflow by following a few simple steps:

  • On your app’s configuration page, scroll down to find App Configuration on the left-hand navigation bar.

  • Click App Settings.

  • Select the Workflows tab. 
  • Scroll down to find the Chat toggle switch.

This workflow can be used in one place on your app. Once enabled, it appears in the Facilitations workflow

Message moderation

A key requirement of the App Store is message moderation, which means a person or a dedicated AI bot should be responsible for keeping an eye on the group chat. 

Currently, only the person running the Facilitations can delete any message, while attendees can only delete their own messages. 

Our team is developing functionality to allow any attendee to report harmful messages and provide a reason - form a preset list - for their request to delete these. The dedicated moderator will receive the report and make a decision regarding the flagged content.   

For more information and support in configuring your app’s Chat function, don’t hesitate to contact the Mindset AI success team, who are on hand to make sure your users have a pleasant experience.